Let’s get started!

Hello everyone!


Welcome to Lady Teen! Your 1st international fanbase for the girl trainees from Pledis Entertainment! Lady Teen is made to bring you news and informations about the girls and to give them support until the day they’ll debut!

Showing up for the first time on some episodes of “Seventeen tv st 3” the girls gained lots of attentions because of their talents and stunning looks.

They showcased their talents for the first time on “LIKE SEVENTEEN2”

Then they individually appeared as back-up dancers in some other stages with different artists.

Pledis has not confirmed anything about the group. The name “Lady Teen” was given by  the fans and we don’t know what the future will reserve for them.

2 thoughts on “Let’s get started!

    • rirism says:

      Unfortunately since the video isn’t really clear i can only tell you the one in pink shirt is Kang Yebin and the one with white sleeveless shirt is Nayoung, the other one with suspenders seems to be Park Junghyeon. The other girl in white is Pinky. And these are the ones we can recognize. Also the one with black t-shirt (not the one with the skull the other one) seems to be Soyi.


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