[INFO] Vote for Orange Caramel and Raina!

Wow there’s a lot of work for Playgirlz/boyz lately. Orange Caramel and Raina had been nominated on different awards ceremonies and it would be nice if we could pay their work with some awards this year!

Orange Caramel had been nominated on Seoul Music Awards for “MyCopycat”

I think these titles would be really nice and a good gift for After School’s 6th anniversary since debut, even if only Orange Caramel got nominated, i’m sure the girls would love them!!

Now let’s talk about Raina.

She already won an award for her collaboration with San E but let’s keep supporting her!

A midsummer night sweetness had been nominated on the Golden Disc Awards.

Since they won nothing on MAMA Awards i think they DESERVE the Golden Disc Award so don’t forget to vote for them!!!

Also she had been nominated on Seoul Music Awards for “Reset” and “A Midsummer night sweetness”

Orange Caramel’s Catallena and MyCopycat had been nominated on KoreaBoo as well. Raina’s Reset and A Midsummer night sweetness. Playgirlz had also been nominated for the “Most loyal Fanbase”

They had been nominated on IKMA as well!

SO, let’s all unite and vote vote vote vote for Orange Caramel and Raina!!!

To vote on the Golden Disc Awards go HERE!

Vote for Orange Caramel and Raina on “Seoul Music Awards!”

 Download this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.exodus.star.player

It is only available for Android users.

2. Create account on the app

Click on the button at the bottom (any of them should lead to the prompt to create an account)

tumblr_inline_nfoolcqPoD1sldtyh tumblr_inline_nfoolnt9FT1sldtyh tumblr_inline_nfoonwxMlv1sldtyh tumblr_inline_nfooo4IRVO1sldtyh tumblr_inline_nfoooju9zA1sldtyh

In order to vote, you will need a voting coupon/voucher. To receive a voucher, you will need to exchange 50 coins. In order to earn coins, you can download apps. There is also an option of purchasing voting coupons/vouchers.

★ Voting ends January 20th, 2015.

★ Each account can vote up to 10 times a day per category.

How to make points:



You have check your points by click another button (작립금보기) at the homepage.

After getting points, go to “Exchange for votes” (투표교환권) to get votes. (50 points for one vote)



Now you can vote!

Vote for Orange Caramel, Raina and After School on Koreaboo’s Awards

All you need is to login with a Facebook or Twitter account and vote everyday for them!

You can vote every hour for the “Most Loyal Fanbase”


Vote for them on IKMA!

Thanks to everyone who will help out!

The winning of any of these awards would mean a lot to After School!


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