[interview] park junghyeon on Ceci Magazine 2012


Jung Hyeon’s Introduction
“Hi, I’m Jung Hyeon, 13 years old this year. I am trying to become a good artist.”
Thoughts on U-ie’s Photo Session for ‘Ceci’
…I thought it was beautiful, but watching the filming at the scene today is the first time, the feeling very strange. Flash once per Flash, facial expressions and gestures are completely different, I think U-IE sister is a big deal
Following in U-ie’s footsteps: Singers, Actress, Model, etc Which ones?
“Too much. If I select a few, I wanted to be a campaign’s Ambassador, also want to be a music MC. As an Ambassador, I would like to let everyone know about some things, and help people who have difficulty, do good things”
Feelings after filming with U-ie
Very interesting…Although worried everyone at large compared my sister and I…but I was hoping to show the most natural and the most beautiful side to readers. I also hope that one day I can became charming and wear clothes wear like a U-IE sister model
Message to U-ie
Today, I will closely follow the footsteps of my predecessors to the older generation in line.
credits: infinitekpop via: @OurPledisgirls

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