Pledis Girlz Facts


Im Nayoung

  1. Nayoung auditioned multiple times for JYP Ent.
  2. At one of her auditions her brother mixed a CD for her but something went wrong, the CD was a maths CD and she had to dance on that.
  3. She auditioned for Pledis with After School’s Because Of You
  4. When she was a trainee she would normally attend school but usually she was tired and fell asleep during classes.
  5. She’s a big Shinee fan she even mentioned them in her Produce101 winning speech.
  6. She is Uhm Hyun Kyung’s doppelganger and even took a picture with her.
  7. Was called “Midsummer Night Girl” because she was a backup dancer for Raina and San E’s Midsummer Night Sweetness.

 Joo Kyulkyung

  1. Her hobbies are eye shopping and surfing beauty sites.
  2. Studied at Shanghai Conservatory of Music and was majored in playing Bipa (Chinese lute) before joining Pledis.
  3. Netizens praised her korean fluency as a foreign-idol.
  4. Was casted by Pledis when she was 11 y/o on Shanghai’s street. From 2010 to 2013, she went to Korea every summer vacation to train.
  5. Only from 2013, she begun to live in Korea and become a regular trainee at Pledis.
  6. In her Produce101 profile she mentioned Nana as a “caring sunbaenim” and her role model.
  7. Fan of f(x)’s Krystal. She wants to stand together with her on the stage one day.
  8. Had a scar on her left thigh, due to lump on the bones which she had removed.
  9. Caught spending 1million KRW one time for shopping and was scolded by her parents.
  10. Known to have a very nice personality. Praises came from different produce101 contestants and even staff who works with her.
  11. Nickname was pinky but she ditched the name after debuting with IOI (even though many still call her that).
  12. Her company told her to don’t show her real self too much on shows so she aimed to resemble an ice princess like f(x)’s Krystal but she failed.
  13. Known as “warm princess” because of her cuteness and warm smile.
  14. She and eunwoo are best friends and they teases each other a lot.
  15. Has an habit of sticking out her tongue.
  16. Likes stripe shirt and her precious expensive leather jacket (said to be given by her parents. Leather jacket cost 499,900won.
  17. Had a stuff doll with the name ‘Jun’ on it.
  18. Can play the guitar.
  19. She said she’s good friends with NU’EST’s Baekho

Kang Yebin

  1. Auditioned for TS in 2012.
  2. Passed the audition for SMTM4 but was eliminated on 2nd round.
  3. She can play the drums and said she misses playing it.
  4. Big fan of converse/sneakers- she owned at least 4 pairs of them.
  5. She collects raccoon dolls.
  6. She knows fans call her beans(kong) and she loves it.
  7. Minkyeong is her favorite unnie.
  8. She can also play the guitar.
  9. She likes Urban Zakapa.
  10. She likes crepes and americano.
  11. Said to have a lot of male friends at school.
  12. She likes the color pink.

Thanks: Remember me Like A Brand for the tips

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