[SCHEDULE] September 3rd—September 10th

All times listed below are in Korean Standard Time (KST). 

09/03 (Sat)
[Concert] PLEDIS Girlz Concert (Kyungwon day) @ 5PM (w/ guests IOI)

09/04 (Sun)
[Event] IOI at Taekwondo World Peace Festival @ 7:30PM

09/05 (Mon)
[Broadcast] SBS Mobidic ‘IOI’s Ghost Story City’ @ 3PM
[Broadcast] IOI on Mnet Mwave ‘Meet & Greet’ @ 7PM
[Recording] JTBC ‘Girl Spirit’ (Shannon)

09/06 (Tue)
[Broadcast] JTBC ‘Girl Spirit’ @ 10:50PM (Shannon)

09/08 (Thu)
[Broadcast] IOI on tvN/Mnet ‘I Can See Your Voice 3’ @ 9:40PM

09/10 (Sat)
[Concert] PLEDIS Girlz ‘Final Concert’ (Minkyung day)@ 5PM (w/ Nayoung and Pinky ♡)
[Event] IOI at Pyeonghwa Public Broadcast @ 7PM

©하요닝(gkdus9086), LadyTeen International

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