[TRANS] 161116 Yewon’s Day!

“I did my first special individual broadcast today, I was so excited”

Photo, edit, translation under the cut.


Date: Tuesday, November 15th (2016)
Color in today’s weather: Even if I layer up, it’s no use… it’s chillyㅠㅠ cold…
Time you went to bed last night: Kim:Yewon
Time you woke up this morning: Ye:won

\outside the covers… it’s dangerous ></

Title: My First-ever Special Individual Broadcast!! V-LIVE

Today, I did a V-LIVE broadcast by myself for the first time! I was too nervous so I couldn’t say all the words I wanted to, it was unfortunate ㅠㅠ Next time! If the opportunity comes up, I want to say all the words I wanted to!! In fact, there is one more thing that I do at our dorm! I have the ability to participate in conversation with members through a wall ㅋㅋㅋ First I wash up, enter my room, and then listen to everything the older members are talking about! Sometimes I butt in and speakㅋㅋ Then they go, “PLEASE, come over then talk”…ㅎ But, I never go. Why? Because outside the covers… it’s dangerous >< ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation by N of @LADYTEENINTL. Take out with full credits.

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