[TRANS] 161117 Siyeon’s Day!

Photo, edit, translation under the cut.


Date: Thursday, November 10th (2016)
Color in the weather today: Sunny
Time you fell asleep last night: Park Si Yeon (pun: the colons are pronounced “si” in Korean)
Time you woke up this morning: Park:yeon

[pledis ghost practice room]

virgin ghost, nine-tailed fox, werewolf (this is a tail.), vampire

Title: Ghosts’ house :^)

I went to a school festival for the first time since I was born. The highlight of the festival was the haunted house a friend of mine had a role in. Although my friend’s getup freaked me out, it was really fun. After returning from the festival, I wanted to get with the members and dress up as ghosts and surprise our PLEDIS family, too. We’d assign parts to each other like a nine-tailed fox, virgin ghost, werewolf, vampire, zombie and so on. And of course, I’d also have to dress up like a real ghost! I’d like to surprise everyone with a PLEDIS ghost house in the practice room!! boo~

Translation and edit by N of @LADYTEENINTL. Take out with full credits.

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