[TRANS] 161119 Kyungwon’s Day

Photo, edit, translation under the cut.


Date: Friday, November 4th
Color in the weather today: Sunny (a happy Kyungwon day ❤ lululala)
Time you fell asleep last night: 11:04 (Kyungwon:bean)
Time you woke up this morning: 11:04 (Kyungwon:wham)
(T/N: 11:04 is her birthday, bean = kong while wham = koong, a pun)

overflowing with love pledis girlz ^*^

Title: HBD

Today during practice, Minkyung went, “Let’s sneak out and go eat eggs!” I thought about it, but I told her I’m not usually that kind of guy and declined. Then a little while later, she asked me to help her stick on on a pain relief patch. This time I thought it was because she must’ve been hurt, that sort of thing, so we went downstairs together to get one. But unexpectedly, the kids were anxiously searching for me on the first floor. I was like, “I thought we went down to get you a patch!!” Then right away, the members came up to us lifting a cake and sang happy birthday to me. Somehow I felt something was up when she was explaining her weird reason to go downstairs, I should’ve noticed! I’m overly thankful for the members who look after me and remembered my birthday when even I had forgotten it. I love you guys, let’s spend our lives together_

Translation and edit by N of @LADYTEENINTL. Take out with full credits.

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