[TRANS] 161124 Kyla’s Day

“Today, I went to a concert~”

Photo, edit, and translation under the cut.


Date: Monday, November 21st (2016)
Color in the weather today: Sunny
Time you went to bed last night: (doodles of a mic and music notes)
Time you woke up this morning: (doodles of a treble clef and hearts)

Title: Today I went to a concert πŸ˜€

I was able to see an artist I really like so I was really happy! I had an opportunity to attend their concert in person so I feel good. While I watched the stage, thoughts like “Will I look like that too, someday?” popped up… I liked the artist before, but after seeing them in concert, I think my RESPECT for them grew a lot. I want to make songs that people can like and sing along to, too^_^ I’ll work hard, so let’s do well! Fighting~

Important thing from today: Concert >.<
Good thing from today: Seeing my little sister eat well
Reflection on today: I’ll work tons harder, I’ve gotta make good songs soon…
What I’ll do tomorrow: I’ve got to practice so I can stand on stage someday and perform for you all c:

Translation and edit by N of @LADYTEENINTL. Take out with full credits.

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