[TRANS] 161204 Kyungwon’s Day

“Are you doing well, Kongie…”

Photo, edit, and translation under the cut.kyungkyung2

Date: a burning Friday, November 18th (2016)
Color in the weather today: Windy (intense!)
Time you went to bed last night: Kyungwon:is
Time you woke up this morning: the:best

cell tower
listen to me^*^
i drew his rubbery tongue too big, my bad..
i miss you so much kang kongie don’t get sick :’^( and eat your food well

Title: Are you doing well, Kongie.. (sad)

I had some free time this evening, so I rang up my mom and asked to give the phone to Kongie. Is Kongie eating his food well, has he had a treat today, does he listen to mom and dad, these are always worries of mine. From the phone call, it seemed like he’s doing well so my heart was relieved. Kongie has already turned five years old, but we haven’t spent a ton of time together which is heartbreaking. Do you know I think of and miss you everyday? 😦 My family keeps me updated on Kongie and sends pictures, but even so, it’s not enough. I want to go down to Gwangju, see Kongie, and bring him here. Kong-ah, the time we’ve spent together is short, but from here on out let’s live together for eternity! I love you! ❀

Translation and edit by N of @LADYTEENINTL. Take out with full credits.

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