[TRANS] 161224 Sungyeon’s Diary

“On a date with my mom that isn’t a date?❤️”

Photo, edit, translation under the cut.


Date: Friday, November 18th (2016)
Color in the weather today: Cold and rainy…ㅠㅠ
Time you went to bed last night: Hold:on
Time you woke up this morning: it’s a:secret~~

we share the same features, mom
do you know who i love??? (cringe)

Title: With My Mom on a DATE That Isn’t a DATE? ❤

We had parent-teacher conferences today at school, so my mom came by! These days I tend to get caught up in training and come to school late, and I only get to visit my mom for really short periods of time, so having an opportunity to see her for the first time in a while was really really really nice > < We finished the conference and talked about everything we couldn’t find time to before and had brunch together, so I enjoyed the day twice as much. Being with my mom is the best! Mom, saying I love you and thank you is too embarrassing so I’ll write it! You’re the best mom <3_<3 i lub u

Love you so much *muah muah*<3<3<3

Translation and edit by N of @LADYTEENINTL. Take out with full credits.

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