[NEWS] 170118 Insight Article


[Insight] Endless positive reviews for ‘I.O.I’ Im Nayoung’s parents’ restaurant
Journalist Park SoYoon

Netizens are paying visits to girl group I.O.I member Im Nayoung’s parents’ restaurant.

Recently, reviews from various online communities are piling up to no end over I.O.I Im Nayoung’s parent’s own restaurant, where their speciality is Kalguksu (knife-cut noodles soup).

According to the reviews, Im Nayoung’s parents run their family-owned restaurant in the city of Asan in Chungnam-do. With 25 years of experience with making Kalguksu under their belt, it is said that the taste of their freshly prepared noodles is excellent. Before restaurant-daughter Im Nayoung’s debut as an artist, the establishment was already well-known in her hometown.

There are a number of celebrities whose families receive criticism for “taking advantange of fans’ hearts” by charging more at their restaurant or café for a taste that is lower than the high price, and it is said to be the opposite in this case.

Netizens say, “I’ve gotta try going there one day”, “I’ve gone to that neighborhood often, but didn’t know that was Nayoung’s parents’ store”, “Kalguksu is best in Winter” and so forth, similar opinions being shared.

Earlier this month on the 6th, Im Nayoung’s parents’s store closed its doors, leaving behind a sign stating that they would be out of town for two days to attend their daughter’s concert in Seoul, as a she is a member of the upcoming girl group PRISTIN.

Translation by N of @LADYTEENINTL. Take out with full credits.

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