“From self-made to IOI” Pristin’s First Interview

[OSEN = Jung Ji Won Reporter] Pledis Entertainment has put out a girl group 8 years after AfterSchool. Pristin is well known for having Im Nayoung and Zhou Kyulkyung from IOI, who received the rookie award last year.

They revealed their title song ‘Wee Woo’ on the 21st, showing the music industry that a rookie has arrived. Portal sites and online communities are already showing lots of interest.
So OSEN recently visited Pledis Entertainment training rooms to meet the 10 members of Pristin. We reveal their training days that had its highs and lows, preparation for album, recording studio shot and surprise questionnaire.

– It is finally debut. How do you feel?
(Nayoung) It feels real as comeback becomes closer. It makes me worried, excited, all things at the same time. I want to work hard and show you a good stage.
(Xiyeon) We were known to the public as Pledis Girlz, we now have a name called Pristin. I want to be a proud singer and I don’t want to lose this mindset.
(Roa) The teaser came out and the highlight medley went up and I thought, ‘We’re actually debuting.’
– Xiyeon, you had the longest traineeship, it must feel more special for you.
(Xiyeon) It’s my 9th year of being a trainee. I think to myself ‘I’m relieved to debut’, I can take on something I like as my profession and I can work with people I like, I really enjoy that. I think I can be a better musician because I enjoy it.

– Who is Pristin’s rival?
(Xiyeon) We’re rookies that just debuted, it’s hard to say there are rivals at all. We should take the positive aspects of our seniors and grow as Pristin.

– Were there any words of advice from your seniors?
(Eunwoo) Because we always practiced in the underground practice room, we didn’t get to meet our seniors much. They gave advice like, ‘Try to work hard during rehearsals so that you can get applauded’, ‘Greet people well’, ‘be wary of your health’ and we remember all of them.

– There must be feedback you would like to hear.
(Roa) That we’re different to existing girl groups, that it was a fresh surprise.
(Yehana) 2017’s best rookie girl group!
(Nayoung) I have confidence that we can deliver a variety of music. I hope people listen to our music and think, ‘these kids really love music.’

– You’re the first girl group from Pledis since Afterschool
(Yuha) We prepared for a long time, but it is still nerve-wrecking. When you haven’t studied for exams, people get nervous but you’re still nervous even if you studied a lot. Something like that. How will the public see us, how will they see our effort, it’s half excitement and half scary.

– For some members, this is a second debut after IOI.
(Nayoung) I was a leader in IOI too, I was not perfect, but people around me gave me complements which gave me confidence. I am the leader of Pristin, I want to use the positive experience to lead the team in a good direction.
(Kyulkyung) I feel like I can do better than before, now that I’m debuting again.

– What is different about Pristin, compared to other girl groups?
(Rena) All of our members participated in song writing and lyrics. So I think we can deliver our message ‘more like us’. There will be songs that tell our honest stories.

– Will we see Pristin’s own truethful and honest lyrics?
(Xiyeon) Last year, we saw our fans every week while we performed. We interacted and communicated with them a lot so we thought a lot about our fans while writing songs. You might see that compared to other ballads, the perspective may be quite different.
(Rena) When there is a short deadline, people around us can pressure us a little. I said then, “It’s easy to say it” and we blended those exact words into our lyrics.
(Eunwoo) In ‘Over N Over’ there’s lyrics that say “Back to the place where we first met, if you listen to this song’. There is a place where we first performed, I hope that fans, when they listen to this song, remember us performing on that stage.

– Sungyeon participated in this song, how did that work?
(Sungyeon) It’s a song I worked on with Bumzu, which shows Pristin’s unique colour. I am a Pristin member, so I tried to put each member’s appeals and character in the song. For example, the part ‘I’m my parent’s princess’ I imagined Xiyeon when I wrote the lyrics. We talked, made a story and worked on the beat. Like our concept, Power and Pretty, I thought a strong beat would make our performance stand out so we put in a strong beat. We worked on it all night, so it didn’t take long to write the song. I didn’t notice the time fly.

– 10 Members dancing, how much dance practice was involved?
(Rena) When we were practicing in the underground practice room, the door to 1st floor would fog up, we practiced like that.

– There must be benefits to being 10.
(Sungyeon) When all 10 members are together, our bright energy shines stronger. And each member has different charms, depending on the combination of the members, there may be different appeals. It’s a benefit to being a larger team.
(Kyulkyung) We don’t have any two that are alike, we are all different. Pristin will suit different genres of music. Each person’s position and character is also quite different. I think it’s good that we have characters like this pre-debut.
(Xiyeon) Pristin is a team with 11 charms, 10 members each have their own colour, but the team has its own appeal.

– Are there any goals for this promotion?
(Nayoung) 3 Rooke awards is our goal.
(Rena) Or even just one…
(Kyulkyung) we have two members from LA, we hope to go to K CON in LA. I went to K CON as IOI and its was really good.
(Sungyeon) When I lived in America, I went to every K CON, I used to get teary towards the end because I wasn’t on that stage. One day, I’ll perform at K Con infront of my friends and family, that is my personal dream, which has become Pristin’s dream.

– What do you desire to achieve from this promotion?
(Kyla) We’re rookies, so our biggest goal is to let people know about Pristin. We performed many times as Pledis Girlz but we haven’t had a chance to promote the name Pristin. Lots of people ask about the Charts, but that’s after this.

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