Hello all melon subscribers~! PRISTIN are back with their second mini album [SCHXXL OUT]. Let’s go meet the members at the filming set of the second mini album’s title song “WE LIKE”~! If you’re curious about the talk we had in the filming, follow us~ ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶


PRISTIN’s second mini album [SCHXXL OUT]’s idea is PRISTIN who had their school days, are now enjoying their departure from it. This follows their first mini album [HI! PRISTIN] with the intense “Power & Pretty” concept, to show that PRISTIN have different charms.

The title song “WE LIKE” starts with a short introduction of PRISTIN’s unexpected character.

With the dynamic melody of their last album’s “WEE WOO” and “Black Widow” along with the lyrics that express PRISTIN loving someone, their powerful and brilliant movement remains unexpected.
The first one is a group shot of the cute PRISTIN. We can see the members holding their names in a sign~ Shall we meet one of the members~?

The first member is the cutesy child Eunwoo, the member who always likes to fix up herself, she always carries around a hand mirror! The girl who likes to fix herself looks kind of nervous? Her nervous self is so cute (╹◡╹) ♡

The second one is the nerdy looking maknae Kyla!
This time PRISTIN’s unnie line! Roa and Nayoung have such a reversal crush image style!

The unnie’s charisma is no joke! (Cool!)

The next shoot took place in a different set where the mood changed by 180 degrees. Shall we take a look together~?

Ye Hana and Kyulkyung who is playing and having fun in a karaoke room! ★.★

Next to the karaoke room is the member that is holding a guitar, Rena! This member showed her free-spirited character as she plays the guitar~

When you move to the center of the studio, you see her!


The member that created memories in this 2nd mini album! Until when are you going to be pretty,,? Roa that combines her beauty with the girl crush vibe. My heart goes “Dududududu” when I see her.

The one you can’t not mention is the cute Seongyeon!

#CandyGirl #Cutenessx100 #YumYum


She’s too pretty we had to show another picture!

#CandyAnd_Seongyeon #FreshFresh_Fruity

The next one is the charming Rena! Are the balloons and balls behind Rena props for a party? I’m looking forward to see what kind of party it’ll be~


Who is this? PRISTIN’s aegyo leader Nayoung-ie! What a cutie with her cotton candy~

The next one is YeHana who is playing with a puppy! (I really thought it was a real puppy) Where did you learn to smile like that~?


Oh wait! I couldn’t see her in the filming for a while~ She was wandering with a camera! I also took a picture of the wanderer who was taking pictures~


You are working hard to shoot~

Ah, alright! Now the preparations for the party are done. Shall we go take a look at the party?


It finally started~ (Cha!Ris!Ma!)

Now our PRISTIN’s 2nd mini album promotions are starting, right? They’re working hard to show you good promotions for their title “WE LIKE”! We hope you send lots of support during their activities! ^^ Right now, we will greet you with a goodbye. Everyone, wait just a little bit~ Dududududu! Thank you! v

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