[FANCAFE] 180126 From. RENA

Hi, HIghs~

We’ve received our third rookie award as PRISTIN. Since debut, we would always say our goal was to earn three awards, and even though it was a goal of ours, ironically
It looks like HIghs worked harder for that goal than we did
I just want to say thank you so, so much.
Looking at the bouquet yesterday, HIghs came to mind
Is it because looking at it is nice and it’s pretty and precious? Haha, anyways
The HIghs I miss every single day!
The cold wave is really serious these days, I don’t know if you’re taking good care of yourselves
No matter whether it’s dawn, the morning or the evening, I want to hear HIgh’s cheering voices for PRISTIN all the time
The HIghs I’ve been so thankful for this past one year,
Please treat me kindly this year as well (bows)

Now for the never-ending thanks to HIghs from Rere:)

These are photos I didn’t upload yesterday!


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