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Kyulkyung Style Skin Care (Tutorial)

Mm~ Mulled it over for so long, this blogger is finally making time to share my skincare tips with you~~\(≧▽≦)/~

The main thing today is to tell all Little Sweet Potatoes a process and steps for care, from bathing to before sleeping, make sure to read carefully!!!

Everyone’s typical bathing order is first washing their hair, then washing their body.

But!~ In elementary school I happened to see a scientific bathing order on the web, which was to first wash your face, then your body, then your hair (⊙o⊙) When I saw this back then, I think that immature little soul of mine was a bit traumatized, the way I had been bathing for years was actually wrong ಥ_ಥ!! So starting that day I worked hard to change the bathing order I was already so used to into the correct one! But a question came up, why was this?

Below is the correct information found on Baidu, all Little Sweet Potatoes need to read it carefully~

Why do you need to wash your face first when bathing?

Making face-washing the first step in the bathing order is scientific.

Because when the body is in the shower and has been soaked with warm water, at this time the pores will promptly undergo expansion, so if you don’t get your face clean at this time, the dirt that’s been collecting on your face for a day will sneak into your pores while your pores’ front doors are wide open. Over the course of time, your pores will get stretched bigger and bigger by this dirt, occupying territory that shouldn’t be considered theirs, and more and more pimples will pop up on your face.

Washing your face first can let your face undergo deep pore cleaning. In the process of getting your face clean first, then washing your body and hair, you can take advantage of water vapor and hot air, thus cleaning your pores, so washing your face first when bathing is the correct choice.

And the above is why you need to wash your face first when bathing!

Also, I have another very practical tip too~ to be used when you need to quickly finish bathing and get prepared to go outside: when I’m done washing my hair and waiting for my conditioner to set, I’ll take this time to brush my teeth for three minutes~ This both saves time and eliminates waiting around idly for your hair to absorb (*¯︶¯*)

Okay after bathing, I’ll do a face mask!!! This is one of my favorite parts! (Actually typing while doing one right now)

The type of face mask can be chosen based on your skin condition that day, I generally don’t get pimples ah or when my skin is sensitive I’ll always apply a moisturizing one [lit. “water-replenishing”] ~ ’cause women are made of water >< haha just kidding~

After that I tie up my hair with a towel, and then I’ll put on a nice-, nice-smelling body lotion!!! (Me, in love with face masks and body lotion) Body lotion, for girls, is actually really important, and especially in cold winters that are so dry like right now, you need to apply it daily even more so! I have dry skin, when I apply it I’ll fill my palm and then apply it really, really generously (*≧ω≦) After applying it my entire body feels nice-smelling and smooth ah how happy (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) Then with pajamas on lying in bed I’ll play with my phone for like ten minutes, then get up and take off the mask.

Lastly comes the most important face treatment part, after taking off the face mask a bit of essence will actually remain on your face, actually sometimes after waiting for it to absorb, depending on my skin condition that day I’ll considering skipping water and just apply lotion, but! usually after waiting for it to dry I just put on toner, then emulsion, then essence (although I too just recently encountered these essence things, my friends all say that each year as you get older you need to prioritize care even more, so I just went and bought a bottle of essence ´▽` ) And then it’s just eye cream, which I remember my mom urged me to use ever since middle school, back then it was just the most basic moisturizer, now because I travel and stay up late, my dark circles are pretty strong, so? I switched to an anti–dark circle, wrinkle-preventing eye cream, lastly comes an ultra-moisturizing face cream that can lock in all the healthy moisture~ I always apply it really, really generously I don’t want dryness c’mon~ And then really is the last step, I’m actually pretty lazy, depending on my mood I’ll occasionally apply some oil, when it’s especially dry or I’ll have makeup for all of the next day, when I apply it I’ll drip three drops into my palm, rub it hard to warm it up and then pat it in to absorb and once it’s done I can get in bed and sleep (-_-) zzz

After writing this much I feel so rambly and I’m also afraid I wrote a bunch of useless stuff everyone knows, but I’m sharing it with you guys anywayy~ Patient Little Sweet Potatoes who read to the end, fairies shall let you not get fat no matter what you eat, and reach new levels of beautiful every day when you get out of bed mua

Okay I’m gonna go sleep quickly, I’m practicing these days hey, the harder you work, the luckier you are 🙂 Good night ❤️

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