PRISTIN’s 1st Anniversary Fundraiser

Hi, HIghs!

As PRISTIN’s first anniversary of debut is around the corner, we at LadyTeen International want to do something nice to celebrate the very special occasion, and we’ll need your help.

We are hoping to raise up to ₩160,000 (USD $150) by March 6th, 2018 to order a congratulatory Rainbow Gold rice wreath from nanumstore, donating 30kg of rice to those in need in PRISTIN’s name!

The more funds we raise, the more rice that is donated (ranging from 40kg-100kg). If we do not reach the set goal in time, we will happily settle for donating the amount of rice that is affordable (10kg or 20kg) and will place any leftover funds toward future projects for the girls.

Any amount helps! If you’re interested in contributing, please do so through PayPal by clicking the link below:


(Taxes will vary depending on your country of residence. If prompted, please use the Send money to friends & family option to ensure the total amount you’re donating goes through.)

Happy first debut anniversary,
LadyTeen International

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