180212 KYULKYUNG on 小红书/Little Red Book

Today I’ve brought Little Sweet Potatoes a makeup tutorial~ It’s a sweet look (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) So I’m gonna start now~~


1. Use glittery nectarine-colored eyeshadow to lay a foundation around your eye socket area

2. Use the glittery nectarine-colored eyeshadow used in 1 to make silkworm lashes

3. To make the silkworm lashes pop more, apply any eyeshadow you have with gold and pink glitter up to 1/2 of your bottom lashes

4. To brighten the bottoms of your eyes, use white glitter eyeshadow with bigger glitters to dot four dots on your bottom lashes.

5. Put on eyeliner Rouge: Pat darker pink rouge onto your cheeks


1. Use pink lipstick similar to but darker than your rouge to lay a foundation

2. Apply red lipstick to the insides of your lips Isn’t it simple~? If you skip step 4 of the eyes and applying rouge then it can be casual makeup~

Hope everyone enjoyed my makeup tutorial notes this time >< See you next time then 💕

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