[OFFICIAL] How to apply to send support for PRISTIN (171114 Ver.)

Original post on the Fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/PRISTIN/HNhi/40

[Schedules where support is allowed]
– On members’ birthdays, on anniversaries, at music programs, concerts, official fanmeetings

[Schedules where support is not allowed]
– For private schedules or to member’s families

[Support through direct delivery]
– Support through direct delivery is only allowed at the Pledis company building, and you can only deliver support after filling out and sending a form through email to be approved in advance.
When it comes to on-site support at music programs, concerts, fanmeetings, etc., you may only bring support after pre-approval from Pledis.
– Depending on the nature of schedule, there is a chance of some support items possibly being restricted or not allowed to proceed.

[Support through mail, parcel delivery]
– A pre-approval request is not required for support delivered by parcel/through the mail.
– Shipping address: In front of Seoul-si, Gangnam-gu, Samseong-dong 44-20 for PLEDIS (insert member’s name here)
– When filling in the contact information for the recipient of the support, please put down 010-3790-1679.

[How to apply for support]

▶ Delivery of support lacking prior reception or contact before applying for pre-approval is forbidden

▶ Support application hours

  1. Scheduling for support is available from to two weeks in advance (from 12AM/00:00 KST) to two days in advance before 6PM/18:00 KST
    Ex: If the date of support was to be November 15, you would need to apply sometime between November 1st to November 13th at 6PM/18:00 KST.
  2. Request for pre-approval by going to the side menu > SPECIAL > SUPPORT, and enter your application with it set to 비밀 (secret/private).
    (After filling out the support application form, please send a text to 010-3790-1679 saying you’d like to confirm your application. A quick confirmation is possible.)
  3. After your application is confirmed, a fanclub manager will reply through the comments of the post or schedule to contact you individually.
    – You cannot proceed with another support without contacting Pledis first if one is already in progress.

▶ Support application form
Application form: [서포트] 000000 – Fancafe name(insert sender’s name) – Phone number – What you will be sending in your support
Application example: [서포트] – 171115 – PRISTIN_임나영(Im Nayoung) – 010-2017-0321 – Item details

▶ Precautions when sending application

  1. It is possible for those in charge at music programs, variety shows, radios, etc. to do a prior check of support being given.
  2. Food support is only accepted if the food is processed and has no possibility of deterioration.
  3. Only two teams’ gift supports are accepted per day.
    : Support can be delivered between 10AM/10:00 and 7PM/19:00 KST on weekdays, excluding weekends and holidays.
    (For members’ birthdays and anniversaries support, we will contact the applicant and receive the support at a discussed/predetermined time.)
  4. Direct delivery support must be received by a fanclub manager, and they can only accept pre-approved items.
    : You cannot give support to a fanclub manager, group manager, or company employee without contacting fanclub management.
    If you do not give the support to a fanclub manager, we will not accept any of your future support requests.

Thank you.

Translation by N @ladyteenintl, take out with FULL credits or link to this page.


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