[Sports Chosun Jeong Anji Reporter] Pristin’s first unit ‘Pristin V’ made a surprise release of the choreography video for ‘Spotlight’, the coupling song from their album ‘Like A V’.


Their company Pledis Entertainment released the unit Pristin V’s ‘best of the best’ choreography video for the coupling song ‘Spotlight’ through Pristin’s official Youtube channel on the afternoon of the 9th, and received an explosive response.

The released video, commemorative of achieving 5,000,000 views on the music video of their title song ‘Get It’, was prepared to reward fans for giving support and, since the choreography video for the refreshing coupling song ‘Spotlight’ was released for the first time, it added to the specialness.

Specially Pristin V, to match Spotlight’s general concept, [performed] under various spotlights on a dark stage and showed a different kind of immediately eye-catching performance.

The members also appeared wearing matching suits, showing the full extent of their girl-crush charms with intense gazes and sharp dance moves and, boasting their perfect suit fit with not only matchless visuals but also superior [body] ratio, appealed to the viewers’ tastes.

Pristin V’s B-side track ‘Spotlight’, which has gathered talk with a ‘best of the best’ choreography video like this, captured Pristin V’s passion and their innermost feelings as a basis of their intensity with a stand-out Deep House genre song, featuring an addictive retro-rhythm base.

Not only that, Pristin V also delivered a different type of charm with their ratchet-based R&B genre title song ‘Get It’, going beyond Korea to put their name in Top 10 of the 26-country international iTunes chart, proving their global popularity.

Meanwhile, Pristin V plan to actively continue broadcast activities, including entertainment and music activities.

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