Important tips:

1. Stream at 7AM KST if you can;
2. Streaming counts once every hour, so stream at least once a hour (5 times per day) and clean your history after you do it;
3. Do not turn your volume off, you can just plug your earphones and let it playing at low volume. Don’t leave the music on replay;
4. You need internet connection to stream properly. Don’t skip the music or anything, just let it play;

5. Set a playlist that lasts approx. 1 hour with different songs;
6. Add Pristin’s previous songs as WE, Wee Woo, Black Widow Remix, We Like and Get It;
7. Don’t download the songs, as it won’t count as streams anymore;
8. Streams does not count between 1AM ~7AM period.


  • How to stream:


1.1. Open MelOn app:

1.2.  Click on the amplifier glass and search for “프리스틴”:

1.3. Click on Pristin’s group page to view all songs:

1.5. Click on the star so you’ll become a Pristin fan. Click “확인” once more and go to “곡” tab, so you can see their music.

  • Streaming:

2.1. Click on the song you want to play and then “재생” or “담기” to create or add a song to a playlist. You can also just click on the play on the right. (Refer to how to create a playlist below!)

2.2. Once the music starts, open the player page and click on the heart. You just need to do it when you’re listening the music for the first time.

2.3. After listening to the entire song, click on the playlist button on the bottom left to open your player history.

2.4. Click on the 3 dots beside any music and select “삭제” to delete it from your history, or select “편집”, select all the songs and delete them all at once. Then click on “확인”. Do it after every time you stream, so your history will be clean.


  •  How to create a playlist:

3.1. Click on the album thumbnail from any song and it’ll open its tracklist. When it opens, click on the heart on your left to like the album.

3.2. Press play to any song. Press another song and select “담기”. Select “플레이리스트에 담기”.

3.3. Click on “새 리스트 만들기”, so you can do your playlist. Name it whatever you want and press “완료”.

3.4. Now you have your playlist. You can add as many songs as you want it there selecting one song while another is playing and pressing “담기”. To listen to your playlist, you go on the same place as step 2.3 and select “플레이리스트” beside “곡”.



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