Happy 1st Anniversary Highs!


In celebration of the 1st anniversary of our fandom name we would like to hold a game with HIghs to get know each other better and come together for this day!

Click for how to participate!

The game will take place on a discord channel, if you want to play you’ll have to create a discord account and then send us a DM on twitter, there we’ll provide you the link to the game channel. Every 2 hours we’ll announce the start of a game and 10 players will be chosen between the fans that have sent us a DM.

Set Up:
Each player is assigned a member. They must not say which member they are.
One member is the police, two members are the mafia, and the rest of the members are innocent villagers.

“Day” is 20 minutes long and “Night” is 10 minutes long.

How to play:
On night 0 the narrator will announce the name of the member who is the mafia, and the police will be told a random member who is a villager.
At the start of the day, the Police will say ‘VILLAGER : *name of member*’
At the same time, the rest of the villagers and the mafia post a fake ‘VILLAGER: *name of member*’ in order to hide from the mafia who the police is.
(This is so that if the Police is killed, the villagers can backtrack and see who the name of the villager was, and thus have an advantage over the Mafia)
During the day all players will discuss who they think the Mafia is.
Of course, the Mafia has to pretend to be villagers and so does the Police.

Each player can vote for who they think the Mafia by saying ‘KILL : *player name*’
At the end of the day, the narrator will tell everyone whether who they killed was the Mafia or not.
Each night, the Police can also investigate on one player to see if they are Mafia or not by asking the narrator.
During the night, Mafia can discuss and search for the Police to kill them and have an advantage in the game play.

The villagers win if they kill both the mafia.
The mafia wins if they kill enough villagers so that the numbers of mafia and villagers are even.


  • After day 2, a majority kill vote comes into effect. This means if a majority on who to kill is reached, the day ends and this player is killed.
  • If the narrator announces it is ‘LYLO/Must Lynch’ mode, this means the kill cannot be changed after being said. So you mustn’t decide who you want to kill too quickly!
  • If you are dead, you cannot talk. During the night, nobody can talk except the Mafia, and the Police with the narrator, both of which will talk on a separate chat.

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