Hello, this is Pledis. the members who came out for the 2018 Chuseok Special ISAC that was broadcasted meeting national holiday last Chuseok’s behind has arrived!

Firstly, our proud leader who took part in the field of rhythmic gymnastics! Shall we start from the scenes from Nayoung’s practice?

The scene making HIgh’s heart beat from the beginning..! Her putting up her hair to practice is like a scene from a romance comic!

Before going full-fledged in to practice! Even has the instincts to send a smile towards the camera!

We’ll show you a bit of Narong’s concentrating image! Our leader, completely perfect even up til her side profile!

For the sake of showing HIghs a cool image of herself! Without fail, Nayoungie engages in practice diligently and again diligently, on this day too!

Practice is like the real thing too! Practicing without rest on the same day as the day of the recording, our amazing leader! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Following, right before Narong goes in to the competition! Our Nayoung is already a gold medal for beauty ٩( ‘ω’ )و

From now we’ll be sharing more precious photos the members took themselves!

A cut of the members who came to watch Nayoung too (*´∀`*)

Eunwoo who was really really hot cooling off from a fan, too

(Sign: “Let’s take a picture together!”)

And Rorangie who worked hard to communicate with HIgh’s through a sketchbook too *click* (。・ω・。)

We can’t miss our cute Oni too, right?

Lastly, once more of our leader who worked hard and showed a cool image of herself in the rhythmic gymnastics!

While conveying a thank you message to the HIghs who cheered hard, and the members, this has been The 2018 Chuseok Special ISAC’s behind sketch!

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