[WEIBO] 181113 Jieqiong’s Fashion Notes

# Jieqiong’s Fashion Notes📒 #

hello~ Winter’s almost here What nice-looking clothes has everyone picked out for 11/11? What I’m sharing with everyone today is one of my fall looks~

🧥 The coat I chose is a wide suit jacket Wide styles make you look thin Black makes you look cool 😎 Even though the design is simple The metal ornamentations on the shoulders and arms add highlights to the coat Simplicity isn’t simple~

👕 Inside I chose a basic white tee Black and white looks very classical You can’t go wrong If it’s a little colder a light-colored sweater looks good too~

👗 Leather skirt and riveted ankle boots

A leather skirt that’s more eye-catching at the beginning of winter Visually it seems to lengthen the proportions of your legs~ You can match it with a blouse, sweater, cotton tee, sweatshirt, etc. It’s a wardrobe necessity

I like these riveted ankle boots too Wearing them makes me cool 😎 Showing your legs makes your legs look long~

🧚♀ Winter matching products

🔗 Berets 👩🏻🎨

Striking poses in the winter ✌🏻 requires no choosing hairstyles They can also accessorize Your face shape Very versatile ⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎

🔗 Wool cap

A new-style cap can add taste and style to your entire outfit, you can try them out starting from the basic ones Choose a more versatile color Very practical 👏🏻

🔗 Accessories

If your entire outfit skews toward the same hue You can choose some silver accessories for embellishment ha Don’t underestimate them

A little one is enough to light up your entire form

That’s me sharing my late fall and early winter fashion, hope you guys like it 💕

[Translated by Admin h of LTI]


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