REPORTER: First question, how did Sungyeon took a part in composing the lead song?

Sungyeon: So all 10 of us took a chance to compose and write a song In Pledis Entertainment and we thought of how to put out attractions into the song. So I thought of the words we use in daily lives. So I composed and wrote the song ‘Wee Woo’ and took parts in other songs too.

REPORTER: To Sungyeon first, so it looks like you have took a part in composing all the songs, it reminded me of Woo-ji from Seventeen.

Sungyeon: I enjoyed writing a song ever since I was young because of my mom. And we don’t really see Seventeen members in the practice room so they just advised us to do well on the stage

Nayoung: So to answer to the question how we are different from Seventeen and other groups I think we show our power and energy in the songs and the biggest difference, I think, is the loveliness.

REPORTER: And the second question to Nayoung and Kyulkyung, do you guys feel different being in this group than in IOI?

Kyulkyung: Well, when I was in I.O.I, I felt more astonished and it was just unbelievable to be a singer. I felt more like a rookie to this field but now as a member of Pristin, I feel like I truly belong to this group with the song and I was really impressive (?)

Nayoung: I first debuted as IOI too. I feel the same, but debuting again as Pristin, I felt like I could do better and both songs are really precious to me.

REPORTER: So before we move on please tell us about your names

Yuha: My name stands for giving joy to the audience

Roa: My name stands for my beautiful smile

Yehana: My name stands for optimism and gathering the thoughts of members in that way

REPORTER: To Nayoung and Kyulkyung, so you guys debuted before other members, do you guys think one year as IOI was helpful for debuting as Pristin?
And to Nayoung, you were the younger one in IOI, but now you are a leader, how would you do your part? and any new nickname you prefer?

Kyulkyung: The one year I spent as IOI… well, I actually didn’t think a lot about what kind of singer I wanted to become and how to look good on the camera and what not and so I felt like I learned a lot from that

Nayoung: First, all the stages I performed for IOI was precious and I was really thankful for all the fans and staffs who helps us and as a leader of Pristin now, I had to show charismatic side of me, but now I want to show different sides I couldn’t reveal both in personality and ability. So the nickname I prefer than Stone Nayoung is all-round Nayoung. (aegyo) I love you! So as the leader of Pristin, from the experiences I had in IOI, I will try to lead the members in good way.

Xiyeon: Nayoung is very soft and kind, but also firm. She’s like the mother of the group.

REPORTER: So looking at your debut, I felt like you are all captivating the whole media, and you have the title the most anticipated girl group in 2017. What do you guys think is the reason for that?

Rena: We are thankful for all the love and affections. I know it’s all for appearing in Produce 101 and IOI, but what’s bigger is the fact that we can all compose and write the songs.

The Specific Attractions of 10 Members

Yuha: My attraction is the nice body I have

(not sure the order here)

Rena: So in the new EP, we have different colors and mine was hot so I think I’m hot (haha) The energetic and enthusiastic side of me we call it a wing dance (??)

Kyla: for me, my attraction is the maturity and my low tone voice

(….the reporter just asked Kyla to sing)

Kyla: I will sing one part

Kyla is the youngest in the group

Nayoung: For me, I show charisma as a leader but in real life, I’m very cute and soft. So I think that’s my biggest attraction

Kyulkyung: Well, the fact that I’m Chinese and speak Korean well is the biggest advantage and attraction. I learned a lot from being in IOI

Xiyeon: So my nickname is FLY because I’m the free and energetic vitamin in the team

Eunwoo: the members tell me I’m good at singing ballads
(she sang a small part of over n over)

REPORTER: You sing really well,That was impressive

Roa: My nickname is MYSTERY because of my eyes that resembles black holes

Yehana: I’m the optimistic girl in the group. I always think in positive ways and people also tell me I look the prettiest when I smile

Sungyeon: So i’m the Melody of my group because I love instruments and playing them

REPORTER: So you guys do have 10 different colors.To Sungyeon, you were in Girl Spirit as Pledis Girls, what do you think you improved on? And I want to know the standards of picking members for your Entertainment.

Sungyeon: Being in that auditioning stage and meeting up with other artists was the lesson for me. I learned a lot about feeling and singing my own story than learning the techniques and I put that in our new EP. So now the standards, our CEO told us that he didn’t mean to focus on picking the members for their height and body, we vary a lot in that way

REPORTER: Since there are 10 members, I think we have to wrap up the Q&A session now

PRISTIN: Thank you so much for coming here,We were Pristin!

PERSON: The last stage, ‘Black Widow’ will be on. The members are preparing in the backstage,’Black Widow’ is a hard rock in a darker mood compared to the lead song. It’s an up-tempo music with a dubstep. We will start the ‘Black Widow’ stage as soon as the members are ready, It’s the last stage for today’s showcase. Thank you