[WEIBO] 181122 The Everyday Life of Jieqiong’s Cats, Part 2

# The Everyday Life of Jieqiong’s Cats 🐱 #

🐱 daily necessities section

🔗 Toothpaste and toothbrush

Cats are just like people They need their teeth brushed Our target is no cavities Last time I shared so many snacks After eating them don’t forget to get out the little toothbrush And give your loved one a brush~

🔗 🐱 leashes

For easily scared cats Make sure to hold on tight

Otherwise they can escape easily 😭

🔗 Cat 🐱 gadgets

Cats lose hair especially easily in the winter Put on this grooming glove 🧤 And give them a grooming massage They’ll feel really nice~ and go “gulugulu”~

Hair picker-upper ✌🏻 This is for picking up hair on your clothes Our two are okay because they have short hair If you have long-haired cats you can use this to pick up hair on your clothes and couch Convenient and practical~

That’s a short section of cat products I wanted to share with everyone There’s actually a lot of toys I still haven’t introduced to everyone Next time I have a chance I’ll introduce them to you guys~~

[Translated by Admin h of LTI]


[WEIBO] 181116 The Everyday Life of Jieqiong’s Cats, Part 1

# The Everyday Life of Jieqiong’s Cats 🐱 #

Today I’m introducing two very cute old friends to everyone~~ lulu- and mumu-jjang 。◕ᴗ◕。

Miss lulu’s toy is a blingblingy ✨ wand It has a little bell on top too, looks especially nice

🐱 Snack section 🍭

🔗 Cat pudding 🍮

If cats don’t want to eat You can give them one before a meal, and you can also mix tem in with cat food

🔗 Canned cat food🥫

When choosing wet food for kitties it’s best to choose ones lower in carbs Too much will make cats sick 😷

🔗 Dried salmon 🐟

Can be used to improve mood Practice feeding them Choose one with no additives So your cats don’t get addicted

🔗 Dental snacks for cats

Teeth are very important for cats Cavities will lead to death 😭 So after they finish a snack or dinner It’s best to give them some chew sticks And snacks used for cleaning teeth

To be continued… Next I’ll share some recommendations for cat daily necessities ❤

[Translated by Admin h of LTI]