This is a list of frequently asked questions we receive, please take a moment to read this before sending in a question.

• Was “WE” PRISTIN’s debut?
It was not. “WE” is a pre-debut digital single that was released as a surprise gift to their fans for waiting patiently for their debut.♡ The girls debuted on March 21st, 2017 with “WEE WOO”.

• What is the meaning behind PRISTIN’s name?
PRISTIN is the combination of the words Prismatic, meaning bright and vivid, and Elastin, meaning flawless strength. Together, they produce the meaning, “we will combine our shining charms to become top stars”.

• What are PRISTIN fans called, and what does it mean?
On August 6th, 2017, PRISTIN announced that their fans are “HIghs”. It means that the girls want fans to stay by their side as they rise up high to the top (and beyond!).

• What does your fanbase name, “LadyTeen”, come from?
In 2013, Pledis Entertainment held a series of livestreams (17TV) for their male trainees, who went on to debut as now well-renowned group Seventeen. Some of Pledis’ female trainees took part in season three and performed in the second LIKE17 concert. These girls were referred to as “ladyteen” by fans, and as a result, LadyTeen International was born!

• Do you have a list of the girls’ fansites?
We do, here. We also have a list on Twitter here.

• Can you translate this for me?
If we deem it is something useful for fans to know and we’re not preoccupied at the moment, sure! If you send us a screenshot of a tweet in Korean and ask us to explain it in full, maaaaaybe not

• If you’re international, why do you only use English?
We use English as it one of the widest spoken languages on Earth (ranking #2 in the 2015 Ethnologue with around 942 million speakers worldwide). There are many Pristin fanbases for different languages/countries and we plan on compiling a Twitter list in the near future.

• Do you know other languages besides English?
Collectively, we fluently speak English, Korean, Italian, Romanian, and Chinese. Feel free to send us a message in any of these if it makes it easier for you.

• May I translate your translations into another language?
 You may, but only if you provide credit to our original translations. We would greatly appreciate a heads-up as well.

• I made this account for Pristin, can you support it?
We will support your account if you tweet at us to retweet it, but we only accept shout-out requests from fanbases, sorry!

• I have a question that wasn’t in this list.
You can send us a DM on Twitter @ladyteenintl, ask us at ask.fm/Ladyteenintlcuriouscat.me/ladyteenintl, or email us at ladyteenintl@gmail.com / pledisladyteen@yahoo.com!