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The girls first appeared on some episodes of “Seventeen TV st3”, gaining lots of attention for their talent and stunning looks.

They showcased their talent for the first time on “LIKE SEVENTEEN2”

Then, the girls appeared individually as back-up dancers on stage with different artists.




Oh Hyeyoung

No information.

Old Trainees

Im Hyoeseon


Debuted under the name of Ellie in Kiwi Band

Heo Chanmi


Currently under Double Kick ent

Park Nayoung

0nayoung_anotherShin Soori

Left the company somewhere in 2015.

Shin Soyi


Left the company somewhere in 2014/15 and is part of Recipe Girls

Son Juyeon


Currently part of the group WJSN as Eunseo

Kim Minkang’s Profile


She’s now a model.

Kim Kyungmin’s Profile


Left the company in 2012 and debuted under group Flashe as Kim Go Un.

Kim Yunyeong’s Profile

Kim Yunyeong 16

Left Pledis time ago, part time model.


Credit: Onehallyu, pledisgirltrainee,@kwakiwiiE/@OurPledisGirls
If you have information about any of the girls please let us know!

54 thoughts on “Profiles

  1. Hye says:

    Park siyeon is a 99liner she had just turned 16 before the show started filming people need to realize that yes Mnet is using Korean age but when the show started the Lunar New Year had yet to pass they weren’t adding that extra age year when the show began but if you notice after the Lunar year there age during the show especially during the eliminations their age is year more like siyeon was 16 after lunar year she was 17. Ect.


    • GFriend says:

      Park si yeon is 00liner. In lunar year she turned 17 but her international age is 16. She’ll be 16 in this November. Mnet used their Korean age.


      • jstar213 says:

        I think Dino was born in the beginning of the year (January-March) In Korea it means Dino 1 year older than Junghyeon. But she was born in November, so she graduated 1 year later after Dino. #sorry bad grammar


  2. GFriend says:

    Love Park si yeon. She is really cute and talented. By the way she is 00liner. Every websites are showing that she’s 00liner. She is not 99liner. Mnet used their Koren age not international age and I’m damn sure she is 00liner. Cube’s Kwon eunbin’s profile said she’s 16 (last year) it means in Korean age she’s 17 and she is also a 00linner. So last year si yeon was 16 in lunar year she turned 17 but in international age she is 16.


  3. daqasdasd says:

    min-kyung studying at Dongduk Women’s University
    kyung-won studying at Dongduk Women’s University

    ye-bin studying at SOPA
    eun-woo studying at SOPA
    si-yeon studying at SOPA


  4. savoyums says:

    kyungwon 170cm? i think kyungwon more taller than minkyung. to be honest, i really like ot7. but after i look all the performance on pledisgirlz showcase, i think ot10 good tho. i can’t wait they’re debut, fighting!


  5. Song Itzy says:

    Is it true that there is a new trainee being added to pledis Girlz. I heard rumors about this trainee before but no one ever said anything about her. Any more so I dropped it but Park Mi Hai a 95 liner and Oh Hye Young where is she.


    • Riri says:

      We never heard of Park Mi Hai but we’ll do our researches. Oh Hyeyoung, many said she’s still with the company but there haven’t been any news since ages so basically we don’t know anything about her. If Pledis wanted to add more trainees they should’ve promoted them already, which means they should’ve participated in the concerts if not there’s no reason for them to be added.


  6. LILA says:

    Im not sure whats going on but on Pledis Girlz Wiki there was a unknown girl named there supposedly “Itzy” shs was named as the leader of pledis girlz but then she was moved do you know anything?. Its gettinf confusing


    • Riri says:

      We know about that just keep in mind everyone can edit the wikipedia and we never heard of a possible trainee called Itzy in Pledis. It’s supposed to be “Oh Hyeyoung” but there hasn’t been news on that girl since a lot of time so yeah


      • LILA says:

        But it’s been protected right now i tired to edit her name out when I saw it but it wasn’t letting me it said that the page was being protected from vandalism either way her name has been removed also I saw that Yewon was the one who directed We Music Video it would be amazing if that was true.


    • LILA says:

      Also I’ve known that Hye Young has been training to join AS for a while I’m not sure if she left Pledis and we just didn’t find out or shebis still training but she is a 94liner she is old enough to join AS and not look out of place.


  7. Kat says:

    I know you put alot of work into this website but would you happen to know if anyone has subbed the vapp live before they had their own channel


  8. Ilailaila says:

    Makes me sad how little yewon is appreciated. She is a main vocal, and even a main dancer and yet all everyone sees is PD101 girls and Shannon for being in girl spirit.
    Even Kyla has more fans because she is an English speaker so INTL fans tend to like those who speak English


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